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Create your Next Generation resume and share it with prospective employers.

Validate your key achievements and work history today!

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The next generation resume builder with tools to validate your achievements.

AccuChain Validator™


Validator is for job seekers who want to stand out from the competition.

It’s a resume builder with third-party validation of your key achievements built-in to the platform.

Our “Next Generation” digital resume enables supporting media and documents.

Share with prospective employers access to your “Next Generation” digital resume with validated key achievements! 


Get your key achievements validated by sharing your enhanced resume with former colleagues and managers.

AI Technology

Use machine learning to your advantage by optimizing your resume with industry specific key words.

Multi-Job Profiles

One job, two jobs, or three-store resumes for specific job searches and objectives.


Securely share your enhanced resume to validators and hiring managers around the world with a few clicks.


Keep your key achievements and resumes stored on the blockchain so you never lose them.

Privacy & Security

Keep your job search private by only sharing your resume with validators and hiring managers temporarily.

Enhanced Mode

Your enhanced resume allows you to confidently share resumes to hiring managers.


Our easy to use dashboard allows users to work on seamlessly view multiple drafted and enhanced resumes.

Show proof of your resume claims, leave hiring managers with no doubt that you’re the one!

Improve Your Chance!

46% of Resumes Have False Information.

Source: Society of Human Resource Management

Validator Helps Applicants Validate Key Achievements

How does Validator™ work?

  • Upload or build a resume online
  • Edit, add and update your new resume
  • Select key achievements to be validated by trusted 3rd parties
  • You select the best ‘Validators’ based on the achievement
  • Validator™ handles the validation process
  • Hiring managers have access to the validated “Next Generation” resume
  • A well informed hiring decision based on accurate & honest information
  • You start your dream job

Hiring decisions based on accurate information!

AccuChain’s mission is to provide smart tools for making talent acquisitions successful and allow applicants to create their own validated resume and profile.

It's time to boast, you've earned it.

It takes around 204 days to get a job.

2021 U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics


Applicant supplied information can not always be trusted.

Individuals can not differentiate themselves well with existing recruitment ‘systems’ and policies.

Qualified talented software developers are difficult to identify and to hire.


Our proprietary ‘Third Party Validation’ methodology allows applicants to authenticate key accomplishments, using blockchain and AI.

Our Recruitment Services will provide methods for applicants to personalize their profiles and provide supporting materials.

AccuChain’s Software Professional Recruitment Service will be the “leading” solution for companies to find vetted and qualified candidates.

“I’ve been in the human capital industry for nearly 30 years and finally there’s a product that can validate the accuracy of a candidate’s background.”

Paul Villella, CEO, HireCapital

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