AccuChain Mobile US Short Code Terms of Service and Privacy Policy

  • Program Name

The Program Name is the AccuChain Validation Platform (“AVP”).

  • Program/Platform Description

The AVP is a Cloud-based platform that will allow individuals to improve their resumes and related documents and thus increase the likelihood of receiving attractive job offers.

Our platform has three types of individuals that will interface with the AVP:

  1. The individual jobseekers or applicants. These individuals may be involved in an active job search, or may be passive jobseekers not currently looking for a new job with a different employer. Our initial focus will be with individuals taking courses or recently graduated from IT schools. However, within one year of our 2021 Q2 launch we will broaden our types of individuals to be nearly anyone who would respond to a job posted at an online job board. These individuals will be our paying customers after a 30-day free trial.
  2. Validators or from the point of view of the SMS industry “consumers” will be identified by the jobseekers. These individuals would typically be considered candidates to be references in the past when resumes referred to ‘References will be provided upon request’. The AVP has guidelines for the jobseekers in selecting individuals to be validators in order to confirm that they are qualified to make valid judgements regarding the jobseekers’ achievements. For example, a former immediate supervisor would be considered an ideal person to be a validator for an achievement that occurred under his or her management.
  3. The third type of individual will be a ‘Hiring manager’ who is called a ‘Resume viewer’. These individuals would be provided access to a specific resume by a jobseeker. They will have access to view the specific resume and supporting documents for a certain period of time. The AVP would not provide downloaded copies of resumes.

Applicants are able to work with multiple resumes on our platform. As specific achievements get validated by Validators, this validation status is incorporated into what is called ‘Enhanced Digital Resumes’ or EDRs. Only EDRs can be viewed by a Hiring manager. At least one achievement must have been validated and included in a resume before it can be considered an EDR. The AVP also supports many types of supporting documents and files that related to an individual’s achievements. In the future, third party organizations issuing credentials will also be included in our platform.

The AVP is considered a B2C (Business-to-Consumer) platform. Validated information is stored in an immutable fashion using Amazon’s S3 Object Lock functionality. Our next generation platform, a B2B platform, will be using a blockchain network for the same functionality. However, none of the SMS message content would ever be stored via the Object Lock software or blockchain network.

  • Overview of Types of Messages to be Sent by The AVP to Validators
  1. Messages sent directly to a validator by a jobseeker

A standard P2P text message and/or emails as well as phone calls will take place between each jobseeker and a potential achievement validator. These messages are outside of the AVP itself. However, the obtaining of a Validator’s agreement to come to the AccuChain Validation Platform website will be assisted with a copy of either an email or text message being transferred to our platform.

      2. First AVP Messages sent to a Potential Validator

The first message to be sent to a potential validator related to a specific jobseeker will be a Short Code MMS. The larger message size is considered important in order to better explain:

 – The relationship of the jobseeker to AccuChain and the AVP
 – The purpose of having the validator come to the AVP website
 – The guidelines of which individuals are acceptable as trusted validators
 – Need for rather rapid response (some job opportunities stay available for very short time periods)
 – Friendly Reminder Short Code SMS Messages

There will a virtual clock running from the moment that a validator first receives his or her Section 3.2 First Message. If the AVP notices that there has been no response from the potential Validator AND that there has been no STOP reply sent, then a ‘friendly’ reminder Short Code SMS message will be sent. Since Emails will also be sent to the same validators we must be sensitive to not be too annoying.

The maximum number of these reminder messages over a time period that might extend to 1 week would be about four. The jobseeker is kept informed about the status of the validation process and can be in touch with a ‘slow’ validator outside of the AVP. After a time period of no more than one week has passed, there would be no more reminder messages sent to a potential validator.

  • Opt-In/Opt-Out and Help Replies

Each Validator (aka ‘Consumer’) will see the following on every Short Code message:

  1. Opt-Out

The messages will include the phrase that replying with the word ‘STOP’ will result in an unsubscribe action and there will be no more messages sent to that potential validator by the AVP. That status is likely to apply even if another jobseeker were to attempt to use that same validator that has indicated a ‘STOP’ reply.

Other words similar to ‘Stop’ will also be checked and treated the same as just described above.

There will be a separate acknowledgement message sent to the potential validator to confirm that they have been unsubscribed with the day and time that it has occurred.

       2. Help or Need for More information

All messages will include the phrase that replying with the world ‘HELP’ will result in a message from the AVP providing an AccuChain toll-free phone number and an email to contact the Company for further information.

  • Roles and Responsibilities of the Wireless Carriers

The wireless carriers are not responsible or liable for either delays in the delivery of any short code message or in the case of non-delivery of a short code message.

The owner of wireless phone and data plan is responsible for any fees that apply to his or her phone with respect to receipt or transmission of short code messages to/from the AVP.

  • AccuChain’s Short Code Message Privacy Policy

The exact content of any Short Code message sent to AccuChain by a potential or confirmed validator shall not be shared with any third party individual or organization.

The Opt-In or Opt-out status of any potential or confirmed validator can be shared with the related jobseeker, but will not be made available to any other external third party individual or organization other than the wireless carrier for that individual’s wireless phone.

The initial B2C platform referred to as our ‘AccuChain Validation Platform’ will utilize Amazon’s AWS S3 Object Lock to provide immutable storage of the validated achievements. However, the SMS message content will not be stored via the noted Amazon Object Lock software.