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I hope you can join us this Thursday, June 11th at 3pm PT for our 13th consecutive weekly Virtual PitchForce!

Along with nine exciting startup pitches, we’re featuring a brief Fireside Chat with Ron Weissman, who Is a PhD from CAL and a Fulbright Scholari who wrote a book on European history and taught at the University of Maryland and Brown University. He worked as Steve Jobs’ right hand guy when he was Director of Strategy and Marketing at NeXT. Currently head of the Band of Angels SW SIG Board member at the Angel Capital Association

Here are our panelists:
Ron Weissman, David Emerson, Bob Kamm, Aaron Michel, Braun Jones.

Presenting Companies:
Maura Sparks – Accuchain
Carrie Collins – Axle
Ganesh Iyer – Dotin
Alan Ghahramani – Great Home Tek
Curtis Ray – Hupnos
Sanjay Goel – Nacho Nacho
James Eichner – Sana Packaging
Timothy Roberts – Tip Tags
Prabu Govindaraj – Teen Einstein

Hope you can join us!

Stay healthy and strong!

Max Shapiro
CEO of PeopleConnect